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About World Bank Institute Capacity Results

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WBI Focus on Results

As a central element of its renewal strategy, the World Bank Institute (WBI) has committed itself to improving the definition and measurement of the results of its capacity development programs to improve the practice of capacity development and the identification of lessons learned. WBI formed the Capacity Development and Results team (WBICR) to carry out this initiative.


WBICR Mission

To help establish WBI as a global leader in the thinking and practice of results-oriented capacity development through:  


WBI Results Agenda

  • Improve planning, measuring and reporting of WBI’s results
  • Provide credible information about WBI’s results to the Board, World Bank management and external stakeholders

Capacity Development Agenda

  • Strengthen knowledge management to support improved capacity development practice globally
  • Support improved quality and results of capacity development operations in World Bank
  • Support improvements and harmonization in international capacity development agendas and standards

Monitoring and Evaluation Business Lines

  • Strengthen the M&E capacity of fragile and conflict-affected partner countries for results-based management
  • Improve quality and effectiveness of staff learning in the World Bank Group


Capacity Development Results Framework

The Capacity Development Results Framework (CDRF) is WBI’s conceptual and results-oriented resource that provides a systematic and rigorous approach to capacity development program design and measurement (see diagram). WBI will use the CDRF to guide, assess and report the learning outcomes and institutional and policy-related changes contributed by WBI’s capacity development programs. The CDRF can be adapted by development partners for use in their own capacity development programs and customized for local contexts.



For more information about WBICR or the Capacity Development Results Framework, email capacity4change@worldbank.org

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