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About this Wiki

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A lack of clarity around the concepts, processes, and methods of capacity development challenge development practitioners to compare and communicate their capacity development programs and identify good practices. This wiki was created as a dynamic resource to share knowledge and promote common understanding around key concepts and terms in capacity development.


Wiki Goal

Help facilitate the harmonization of capacity development principles and approaches and improve capacity development practice and results management


Wiki Objectives

  • Increase understanding and clarification of key concepts and terms in capacity development
  • Map common ideas and thinking in capacity development to promote collaboration
  • Encourage knowledge exchange among the development learning community
  • Advance knowledge harmonization and consensus building around key concepts and terms


Wiki Target Audiences

Development practitioners and strategic stakeholders from:

  • Global, national, and regional development agencies
  • Capacity development institutions
  • Capacity development networks
  • Communities of practice on management of results


Wiki Glossary Categories

  • Capacity development
  • Knowledge and learning programs
  • Capacity development results management
  • Capacity development institutions
  • Investments in capacity


These five categories were chosen based upon the outcomes and recommendations of the June 2009 forum, Improving the Results of Learning for Capacity Building, as well as international efforts to harmonize knowledge and approaches to improve the practice of capacity development. Some overlap among the glossaries will occur.



For more informaton email capacity4change@worldbank.org

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