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How to Use this Wiki

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Wikis use software that allow users to easily create and edit interlinked community Web pages. Please read the following instructions to find out how to contribute to this wiki.



Click on the EDIT button at the top of the page you want to edit. If you do not have an account the system will prompt you to create one for approval by the administrator. If you already have an account, you must log in before editing. If someone else is editing the same page the page will be locked. Please allow the other person to finish and try again later.


To view the web page without the sidebar at the right, click on the arrow at the top (in the EDIT line) for full page view.



Typing in a wiki is similar to working in a simple Word document, with the same formatting and font features. It is better to type in a wiki page and not copy and paste from another document because hidden codes may interfere with your posting and formatting. When you are working in a posted table please follow the existing format. You can create a new row by right clicking in the table, choosing "row" and selecting "insert row after" or "insert row before."



Be sure to save your work frequently. The SAVE button is at the bottom left corner of each page in the EDIT mode.


If you need assistance, email capacity4change@worldbank.org.

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